‘Feeling suffocated in TMC’, Rajya Sabha MP Dinesh Trivedi resigns

Vijayvargiya said many more TMC leaders were feeling claustrophobic in the Mamata-led “dynastic dispensation”.


Ahead of the West Bengal elections, the ruling TMC on Friday suffered a huge jolt with senior MP and former railway minister Dinesh Trivedi announcing his resignation from the Rajya Sabha citing “suffocation in the Mamata Banerjee-led party”.

Trivedi took the Upper House by surprise as he announced his resignation when he got up to speak on the Union Budget.

Trivedi said he was resigning “heeding the voice of his conscience”.

“There comes a time in the life of every man when he heeds the voice of his conscience. We enter politics for the country. Two days ago, we saw the PM and Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad exchange emotional greetings. That was all about their love for the country,” Trivedi said.

He said even when he was the railway minister during the UPA government he had heeded the voice of his conscience and announced a budget that offended Mamata but one that was in national interest.

“When I was the railway minister I had a similar predicament as to who is bigger: myself, the party or the nation. Even today the world is watching us. The world was looking at the Indian response to Covid and the Prime Minister led this fight successfully,” Trivedi said hailing Narednra Modi’s leadership.

He said he was now unable to tolerate the way violence was occurring in Bengal.

“I feel very restive sitting here in this House while Bengal is in the grip of violence. We hail from the land of Subhas Chandra Bose and Khudi Ram Bose and love for the motherland is supreme in our hearts. So rather than regretting sitting here I have decided to resign from my membership of the Rajya Sabha, go back and serve Bengal,” said the senior TMC leader.

He said MPs entered politics to serve the motherland.

“I can no longer condone what’s happening in the TMC where I am bound by party discipline. I feel helpless and suffocated. My conscience says it is best to resign,” said Trivedi signalling possibility of joining the BJP.

BJP Bengal in-charge general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya was quick to welcome Trivedi’s move, saying Trivedi was welcome to join the BJP in case he wanted to do so.

Vijayvargiya said many more TMC leaders were feeling claustrophobic in the Mamata-led “dynastic dispensation”.


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